Sunday, January 29, 2012

No time to waste

Wow! Last week was a crazy one!

On the good side, I managed to workout 3 times. On Monday and Tuesday, not only I did cardio in the morning, but I also played around with some weights (not much as I had mostly bands to work with). On Wednesday, I had so much work that I cancelled my evening session. It turned into a "all-nighter" working from home from 10PM to 2:15AM. (>_<*)

Yeah... I have busy days. I have nothing against them though. I like to be on the move. It makes me feel alive. Unfortunately, I didn't make it to BJJ again(!!!) last Saturday.

As I don't have much free time in the evenings these days, there is always a lot to do on the weekends. I love lazy Sundays, but today I had to catch up and I am glad that I did all I had to do afterwards.

Another week begins tomorrow. I have again a lot of plans for it and I am looking forward completing as many as possible this time.

Nice week everyone!

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Moving forward

Even though we are already some weeks in 2012, I am still taking time to do some reflection on the previous. Maybe, I am just enjoying the Chinese New Year.

Anyways, I am forcing myself to get back on track. Unfortunately, I still cannot say that I will be hitting the gym or the mat tomorrow, but I am moving forward again.

Without surprise with the result, I checked my body's stats this morning: more fat. It has been visible for sometime, so I cannot say that I did not see it coming. And what does it really mean? It means that I lost track since the second half of 2011 and that it is time to get things going again.

I am not as bad as I was in 2010 after an almost 10 years hiatus, but still I am not as lean/healthy/energetic/in condition as I was back in May 2011, for instance.

Of course that it is easy to lose motivation mainly when I know I tried my best. The interesting though is that exactly when the motivation is on its lowest that one must move away from their comfort zone.

In other words, I am back to tracking my intake and to doing some workout. I have some plans for this week, realistic ones, that I am looking forward implementing. Slowly but surely.

My gym bag is ready for tomorrow. I have done it many times before, so I know the way. And I have enough motivation to keep on going for another year to say the least.

Nice week everyone!


Sunday, January 01, 2012

New Year... And then...

I managed to survive the week between Christmas and New Year's Eve. It was not easy. I felt even more homesick. Not that I think I would feel better if I were on Brazil, but the emptiness and loneliness hit me even stronger.

It is already past though. We are now in 2012. And what does it mean?

To start with, it is a leap year. We have an extra day in our calendar.

Talking about calendar... According to the Mayan one, we will be facing the end of the world as we know it. Is it another HOAX or are we really facing our last days?

With the years, I slowly learned to live one day at a time. It is not simple for someone likes to be on top of "everything" like me, however one learns that they have to let it go. We can control many things, but not everything.

What are my plans and resolutions for the new year? None. There are activities that I would like to (re)start and others that I want to continue. I just do not like making up plans in the middle of the chaos of resolutions. For me, it has to come from inside otherwise, it is not real.

I have just read a very inspiring text from Danny Choo. The statement "the only person standing between you and your goals is yourself" is so simple, but so powerful that most people do not want to admit it.

On Facebook, I also found a very funny picture with an interesting message:

Both messages are inspiring me. I am letting myself absorb the idea. No need of senseless resolutions that do not last more than a couple of months. It is necessary to LIVE! Enjoy the blessing of existence each morning and being thankful for the experience acquired along the day. 

Despite the disturbance of the environment, the path is simple. However, one has to take the first step.

Wishing you all healthy, peaceful and mindful 2012!