Saturday, June 26, 2010

All by myself

This past week, I have been working more on the backstage. As I finally made the decision to start selling my makings online, there were a lot of things I want to put together before my kick-off.

On Facebook, I opened a Fanpage for my makings: BM2 Love Angel. There, I have already added a tab with my Etsy profile. Even though my shop is still empty, it is getting a face little by little.

My BurdaStyle profile might not be the most visited one, but I like the idea that people are visiting my creations and making them their favorites. Thanks for the support!

The most exciting thing however, is the fact that I designed something from scratch for the first time. It is a reversible purse organizer.

I was looking forward making one for myself, but I didn't find any pattern the size I wanted. They were too big, almost like another bag inside the bag. Having it closed was also a must for me as I wouldn't like to have much volume. The purse organizer for me is mostly for the small things I carry. Wallet and perfume don't get lost in my purse anyway.

The solution I found was putting together one my own. I made a large pocket divided in two. They are large enough to fit the things that I generally lose. As I couldn't decide which fabric I would pick for the outer or the lining, I ended up making it reversible. The contrasting fabric is perfect for various combinations.

I really feel like progressing somehow now. And I like this feeling. (^_~*)

EDIT: I had added the instructions, but not the pattern. Please download it here.


Olelé said...

Love it! I always wear big purses and never find anything when I need it, so an organizer would be great for me!
I'm already following you on Facebook. :)
Good luck with your Etsy shop!

BM2 Love Angel said...

Thanks for the support!

Tami said...

So what are the dimensions... I have downloaded your tutorial and that does not specify fabrics or dimensions. Can you please give us an idea of what to use for this?

Thank you!
I do love this btw!! Great job!

BM2 Love Angel said...

Hi Tami, thanks a lot for stopping by.
I must say that I will have to check the dimensions.
I have the habit of buying lots of fabric and then trying to figure out something to do with them...

I will try to figure out how much I used and I will be adding it to the pattern.

Thanks for the tip!